A big scalp for the Globalists…

Bill O’Reilly is Fired from Fox News – Breitbart

I have mixed feelings about O’Reily.  I probably disagreed with him more than I agreed with him.  He was very pro-war and we have more than enough of those in the Fake News Media.
What’s instructive about this situation is how “they” went after O’Reily.  They went after the advertisers.  That’s how they get you now.
Infowars was de-listed by Google’s Ad-Sense web advertising company.   YouTube is censoring and demonetizing every major conservative, libertarian and 2nd-amendment centric channels.  It’s an enormous story, one that I haven’t covered here enough.  And the rationale Youtube/Google/Alphabet is using to do this is “Advertiser Pressure” over “inappropriate content”.
Now, the positive here is that this is one more giant, flashing (virtual) billboard advertising the fact that Liberals have lost the war of ideas.  You don’t regularly shut down debate, you don’t directly censor opposing views in a manner more befitting of a totalitarian banana republic than a 1st world Constitutional Republic if your ideas are just, sound and congruent with the values this country was founded upon.
But even though this is a clear sign of a frantic, defeated opponent, we still must respond to it and alter our strategy.  The bottom line is that you’re going to need to pay some money to the people you trust to deliver real news to you.  Seek out sources that are sincere, honest and that challenge your perspectives.  Don’t be like Liberals and sit in an echo chamber and cluck away with other commie hens about how smart you all are.  Find those sources and support them through paypal or Patreon.  It’s a big adjustment but there are people that put tremendous work into providing real news to their audience.  These people can’t afford to spend hours every day researching and formulating a learned perspective and not be compensated for that value they’re providing.
It’s a new mindset that may be difficult for some to accept.  But this is how we win.  Prop up the voices of truth when fascist forces like Google/Alphabet are trying to destroy them.