ID required…

…and an index finger dipped in indigo to prevent multiple votes.

Voter Fraud Worries Overshadow Dallas County Elections – Breitbart

Armstrong, the senior pastor of the west Dallas Community Fellowship Church, said at least 10 church members, all senior citizen voters, filed complaints with the Dallas County Elections office after receiving these unsolicited mail-in ballots, according to The Dallas Morning News.

The pastor is not the only one to question purported irregularities. Eighty-one-year-old West Dallas resident Alice Washington still votes in person but she says she got a mail-in ballot for the May 6 election. Barbara Roberson, her niece, contacted the Dallas County Elections office, requesting to see a copy of the application.

“I said, ‘Would you please send me a copy of that application because I’d like to see her signature,” Roberson told WFAA.

The election’s office mailed Washington her supposed application but upon receipt she said it was not her signature. In fact, the family asserts Washington never saw or signed the documents.

“Someone forged her signature,” said Roberson.
I’m typically all for leaving most laws to the States, but this is a case where it needs to be a federal law, mandating proper identification for all votes.  If voter id laws are not implemented, there is no possible way that Trump can be re-elected in 2020.