The price of being principled…

This is why I love Trump voters.  No worship, no blind partisanship, no tribalism.  We watched Bush W and Barry Obama go to war for two terms each, and both constituencies gave both of them a pass the whole way.

Not with this President.  Trump voters are up in arms over the Syrian strike.   Their reward is to be demonized by fake news outlets like Slate:

Why the Alt-Right Hates Trump’s Syria Strike – Slate

They (and other liberal fake news entities) love to homogenize all Trump voters into one group (the Alt-Right) that’s tied together by their “deplorable” qualities.   And this time, it’s because of those deplorable qualities (Racist, Anti-Semitic, etc) that we don’t want war.

It couldn’t possibly be a principled stance against deep state manipulation of the military and foreign policy.  No, of course not.  It’s because we hate the jews and don’t want more brown people coming here.

Fuck off and die, Slate.