Pro-choice and pro-abortion people need to chill the fuck out on Gorsuch.

The only item of concern with Gorsuch’s confirmation is that Republicans resorted to the nuclear option to get it done.  Ultimately, I blame the Democrats because they opened the door to this because of their tyrannical belief that through election rigging and open immigration, they’d never have to worry about another Republican President.

The Democrats then compounded the problem by blowing a ton of political capital in an attempt to appease their base in a meaningless fight to stop a conservative (but not disturbingly so) judge from replacing another very conservative judge (Antonin Scalia).

The Senate was always intended to be a legislative brake.  Basically, for legislation to pass, it had to either have some level of bi-partisan support OR the country was so in favor of one party over the other at a given time that the party had at least 60 members in the senate.  But this brake is now destroyed by Harry Reid (enjoy your retirement, shitbag) and now we essentially have two Houses of Representatives.  This is not a good thing.

But getting back to Gorsuch and the people who are in hysterics today because they won’t be able to have a fetus vacummed out.  You people need to shut the fuck up, calm down and do just some basic, 1st grade math.

For starters, what does 1 – 1 + 1 equal?  That would be 1, for you Liberals out there.  Take one conservative judge (Scalia), subtract that judge via a suspicious death and then add a conservative judge.  We’re right where we were.  I don’t recall abortion being outlawed while Scalia was on the bench.

The other problem here is that Liberals as a whole don’t have any knowledge of the Supreme Court other than that they’re the mean people that say our heroes like Barack Obama can’t do stuff.  But the composition of the court matters and in modern times, the Supreme Court is dominated by the moderates.  The conservatives and activists cancel one another out and it’s left up to Kennedy and usually someone else to decide the ruling.  Sometimes Roberts, sometimes Breyer.  That method will continue with the confirmation of Gorsuch.  So stop worrying.

What pisses me off is the general insanity over supreme court picks by the Left.  The Constitution, if they’d ever bother to read it, is an incredibly clear and easy to understand document.  In a proper world, we wouldn’t have conservative and activist judges, we’d have unanimous opinions the majority of the time.  The Left has very little to fear from Conservative judges because they take a Webster’s definition of “conservative” stance.  You typically won’t see an enormous amount of power acquired by the State with conservative judges (unless your name is Roberts and he’s voting on the ACA) and you typically won’t see any groups marginalized.  With activist judges, they’re far more focused on injecting the whims of the people into their decisions which I and others view as highly dangerous and destabilizing.

But in terms of public reaction, the opposite holds true.  It’s the Leftists pitching fits.  This is a fairly recent phenomenon.  It used to be that if you were qualified and had no skeletons in the closet, you got confirmed.  Antonin Scalia was the bane of modern day Leftists, but guess what the vote for his confirmation was?