At this very moment, John McCain is climaxing.

We are attacking Syria:

U.S. Launches Missiles at Syrian Base After Chemical Weapons Attack – NBC News

I know I harp on it, but critical-thinking skills time, everyone.  Is Assad the dumbest dictator on earth?  Why would he intentionally cross a red line in using chemical weapons when he knows that the use of those weapons will get the entire West up in arms?

Mr. President, this is wrong.  You are being drawn into the goals of maniacs like John McCain and Hillary Clinton.  Get out of the middle east.  Leave Syria alone, don’t get us into a war with Russia.  This is insanity.


UPDATE: MSNBC sure loves it though, they keep telling me this is “limited” and a “proportionate response”.

Hurray for war!

The ONLY positive in this is that I see Trump voters everywhere online showing exactly why they’re the sole, sizeable voting bloc in this country that’s actually thinking.  Trump supporters on youtube, twitter and facebook are coming out strongly against this action against Syria.

Some of Trump’s biggest, most high-profile supporters are skewering him for this.  As upset as I am right now, also very proud.