Deep breath..

So I, like no doubt many of you, are not happy with tonight’s events.  Perhaps I posted my condemnation too hastily, perhaps not.

I do know that it’s rarely a good idea to post something quickly and angrily.  So a few things I’ve been kicking around in my head and a couple more that have been passed on to me by a “friend”.

-Trump knows our military is depleted and we do not have enough trained troops to engage in a ground war.  He won’t commit to war at this time.

-There are other operations occurring right now in Syria by other troops while the tomahawk’s were flying.  By “other troops” I mean troops that are not United States military.

-The tomahawks destroyed planes equipped to disperse chemical weapons.

-Assad might have actually used chemical weapons.  Russia might actually be okay with what we did.  The will of course not say so publicly.

-Rex Tillerson has already told us what they’re doing about Assad (I didn’t bother to truly read the details) and it’s not war:

I’m going to keep my big, dumb mouth quiet for a while on this topic.  Let’s see how it plays out.