So here’s what I know..

Obviously, the big news today is Steve Bannon’s departure from the Security Council.  Two sides of this story are making the rounds:

  1. Bannon is becoming marginalized within Trump’s staff.  Trump’s National Security Advisor made a power play to get Bannon removed from the security council and succeeded.  Bannon was extremely upset and threatened to quit but did not.  Regardless, it is viewed as a defeat for Bannon and his power base has shrunk.
  2. It was unusual for Bannon to be on the National Security Council in the first place and he’s merely stepping down now that Trump is happy with the dynamic and functioning of the council.  This was part of the plan all along.

On a related note, while I am not 100% sure of this, I am relatively confident that reports of Donald Trump’s own son-in-law, Jared Kushner leaking damaging information to the media about Steve Bannon are true.

A quick digression:

Set Trump and the extraordinary fact of a real, non-bought and paid for and non-blackmailed puppet reaching the Presidency.  Let’s talk in generalities of any other NWO puppet President such as Bush, Obama and Clinton.  When you are elected President, you must pick a cabinet as well as other critical nominees and appointments very quickly.  The government has to run.  For each position, the President is often presented with a choice.  He can have someone who is:

a) Loyal to him.

b) Highly proficient at the job.

It’s very rare that these two elements are found in the same person because the people who get really good at these jobs have usually been around the block a few times and that means they’ve either been bought off by corporate/global banking interests or blackmailed by the IA’s.

Now think about Trump, who is the de facto enemy of every politician and bureaucrat that is either owned, hopelessly blackmailed or both.   Your pool of proficient loyalists is tiny, even compared to the small pool of those people that puppet Presidents have.  But the government has to run, and so Trump did what he had to do and he brought in proficient people who were not loyal to him.

People like Deena Powell and Gary Cohn.

If you click both links, you’ll see that they both come from Goldman Sachs.  The same Goldman Sachs that might as well have been granted an honorary cabinet position within the Obama Administration.  These two are amassing significant power within the Trump cabinet and they are using that power to kill the Trump agenda that you and I voted for.  (Note:  If you didn’t vote for Trump, this post really isn’t for you.)  That process includes pushing Steve Bannon out of the Cabinet.

Steve Bannon is the voice of the people in Trump’s cabinet.  He has his finger on the pulse of middle-America, he despises the Globalists, the NWO and the Deep State.  In other words, he hates the people that have spent decades attempting to destroy this country.  People like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, George W. Bush and John McCain.  His voice is desperately needed within the cabinet to counterbalance the Neo-Conservative and Neo-Liberal ones.

So yes, while it’s unusual for a guy like Bannon to be on the National Security Council for any length of time, I believe strongly (as do my sources) that he is under a coordinated attack by other members of the Trump cabinet.

So what do you do?  Well, here’s the silver lining.  For the first time in decades, we have a President that genuinely does want to help and to please the American people.  But the message has to get to him.  We don’t even need that many people to deliver the message, just a few hundred.  And you can do exactly what I did:   Call the White House switch board and inform the President of the following (verbatim if you wish):  Mr. President, I voted for you, I supported you and I still do.  But I am gravely concerned that admitted Globalists like Gary Cohn and Deena Powell are in high positions within the White House.”

That simple.  Took me 1 minute.  Yeah, you can Tweet but it’ll just get lost in the cacophony that is Twitter when you have a bazillion followers.  So just call this number: 202-456-1111Say what I said verbatim, or personalize it.  Either way, take the time to do it.  It’s one minute.  And if 500 people call in with this message in the next 24 hours, I guarantee you that Trump will take notice.

At it’s peak heading into the election, this blog had over 8k unique visitors a day.  We still get half that a day.  We can make an impact if just a quarter of you call in.