You have become the very thing you hate.

So knock it the fuck off or we will fucking crush you.

Unless the American Left Disengages from Establishment Elites, the Alt-Right Will Destroy It – Julian Assange/Andrew Mitrovica

The thinking – such as it is – goes something like this: the CIA and NSA must have the surreptitious “goods” on Trump and his gang of Russian mob and FSB consorting thugs that they will, in time, share with Americans and the world.

The “goods” perhaps involves oodles of various types of intercepted and incriminating communications and possibly even a notorious Moscow hotel videotape, starring the deviant king himself. And the hope is that, taken together, it will all eventually expose and doom him.  

Apparently, these days, the “deep state” is no longer working for the bad guys, but the good guys. It has, in effect, changed sides.

Sure, the deep state may have denied Clinton her rightful and long overdue crown and has, for years, systematically spied on, collected and stored intimate details about the lives of countless people with little or no oversight, let alone a warrant.

But progressives are too busy letting bygones be bygones to remember. The good guys have fixed their crosshairs on Trump and treacherous company and that’s all that matters.

In this convenient, self-serving arrangement, former CIA officer turned independent presidential candidate, Evan McMullin, is cast by progressives suffering from a stubborn case of amnesia as a prominent and popular leader of the nascent Trump “resistance” movement.

It’s an odd position for an ex-spy to occupy. There, alas, it is. Still, two hard-right US senators, John McCain and Lindsey Graham, now accompany McMullin as La Resistance poster boys.

McCain and Graham are routinely lauded by progressives for their occasional bouts of dissent vis-a-vis Trump’s habitual lunacy. 

You people support the destruction of the 1st Amendment (not to mention the 2nd), you support the people who spy on all of us and who blackmail and control our politicians, you support the people that protect the pedophiles in our government, you support a woman with the blood of hundreds of thousands of people on her hands, and you don’t think this way because of any critical-thinking or logic-based conclusion, you think this way because you’re being used.  Used like the soft-headed morons you are so that a small group of evil motherfuckers can grind this planet under their heel.  And you’re the useful idiots that they think can get them there.

You can either wake up, get some fucking principles and start acting like human beings again instead of a pack of retarded chimps chasing a banana that you’ll never get, or keep doing what you’re doing and those of us who are awake will reluctantly grind you under our heel.  We won’t let you kill this country off.