Remember bubblehead?

Remember Evelyn Farkas, ex-advisor to Barack Obama and her big mouth?  I posted about her bragging on tv about how the Obama Admin was spying on Trump and his cabinet.

Based on the timeline she discussed in the interview, she was no longer working for Obama (she had resigned), but instead working for the Hillary Clinton campaign.

So how did she have access to classified information?  This goes back to my assertion that while I am positive that Barack Obama knew of the spying, the spying was ultimately ordered by Hillary Clinton (despite her civilian status) and implemented through Andrew McCabe, deputy director of the FBI and a close friend of the Clintons.

With any crime, it comes down to the two basics:  Motive and Opportunity.  How had greater motive to spy on Trump than HRC?  And she had opportunity through her henchmen within the IA’s.