Celebrating anti-intellectualism…

As all of you know, Judge Neil Gorsuch is President Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court vacancy left in the wake of the murd– uh, death of Antonin Scalia.  Initially there was some discussion that this might wind up being a fairly uneventful confirmation.  Gorsuch has a good record and he states plainly that he has neither the interest nor the intention of voting to overturn Roe vs. Wade.  The vaguely articulated concerns that Democrats claim to have about Gorsuch are not limited to:

– He’s “pro business” (this is seen as a negative to Democrats who seem to believe that jobs magically manifest out of thin air).

-He doesn’t play identity politics.  He had the temerity to place a limit on the number of protections a disabled person receives, a ruling he made based on legal precedent (Note to Liberals: Following precedent and not just making shit up as you go along for political reasons is what good judges do).

-His strict interpretation of the Constitution

I’m not kidding, folks.  Just look at a recent article in the Huffington Post about why Democrats “must” vote against Gorsuch:

5 Reasons All Democrats Must Oppose Gorsuch – Puffington Host

I’ll summarize the reasons:

  1. A vote for Gorsuch gives Trump a mandate
  2. Gorsuch’s judicial approach is not moderate
  3. Voters want Democrats who stand for them (Basically: Democrat voters want to stop Trump’s agenda because the nice people on TV told them Trump is bad.  So the Democrat politicians should stand up to the bad man and show their voters that they don’t like the bad man either).
  4. Cheaters shouldn’t win (The author is mad that the Republican’s refused to vote on Barry’s nominee, Merrick Garland while Barry was in the lame duck phase of his Presidency)
  5. We need more profiles in courage (I’m not kidding.  That’s an actual reason).

This is what passes for intellectual discourse on the Left.  How utterly inane does this look in comparison to the similar analyses one can find in many, many conservative and libertarian publications?  Even if you disagree with those publications, there is a difference between a well-articulated opinion that’s based on facts and historical precedent and an opinion that’s solely based on emotion and ignorance.

Check out the comments section of that PuffHo article.  2/3 of them are some form of “The Democrats shouldn’t even be voting until we get to the bottom of Russia stealing the election”.  Now granted, half of those comments are made by sockpuppets, but Jesus H Christ, I cannot believe the abject stupidity and ignorance on display by 40% of the country these days.  I’m literally beginning to hate my fellow countrymen.