The smelly, noxious winds of change are blowing…

Report: DNC Purges All Staff – Breitbart News

Narrowly elected DNC Chairman Tom Perez assumed the post in late February. Immediately after his election, staff were asked to submit their resignations by April 15, according to NBC News.

The report cited “multiple sources familiar with the party’s internal working” when it stated that Leah Daughtry, an adviser to disgraced outgoing chair Donna Brazile, made the request. Brazile has now admitted that while working for CNN during the 2016 presidential election she leaked debate questions to then Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

The establishment-wing’s Perez is the party’s third leader within months, as the party attempts to recover from a disastrous 2016 election for the Democrats. More changes are expected in “major staffing and structure changes,” according to the report.

One can only assume that the current staff was not ruthless nor corrupt enough.  Seriously though, for those Progressives with the critical thinking skills to recognize that the Democrats are the enemy, you’re fooling yourself if you think this is a “cleaning out the corruption” move by Perez.  Perez is corruption incarnate.

And to those newly fired DNC staffers, cheer up.  At least you didn’t get fired by the DNC the way Seth Rich was.