I saw this story when it broke a few days ago and despite its importance, it somehow slipped my mind.

Lee Stranahan is/was an excellent reporter for Breitbart news.  The guy is old school.  He digs, he fights, he reports honestly or he won’t report at all.  This has led to Lee butting heads with his bosses and that happened last week.

Lee correctly states in a recent video that “the fact that the DNC refused to allow the FBI to investigate the servers that they (the DNC) claimed were hacked by the Russians is the biggest political story in the world right now.”

Think about that.  The genesis of the Russian hysteria was the supposedly hacked DNC servers.  But they refused to allow the FBI to perform an analysis, instead preferring to allow a DNC-linked technical company named “CrowdStrike”.  But perhaps the even bigger story is that the FBI allowed the DNC to keep  the servers AND yet has been willing to draw conclusions and form policy based on the words of a third party (CrowdStrike).

President Trump tweeted about this.  Given the enormity of the story and the fact that President Trump was clearly aware of the story, Stranahan wanted to ask Sean Spicer about the subject at the White House press briefing.  Simple, right?

Except Stranahan was forbidden to go to the White House and ask that question by his boss at Breitbart, Matthew Boyle.  Andrew Breitbart is rolling in his grave.

Oddly, Breitbart News has allowed Stranahan to write about this subject:

Fix Is In: Comey Praised DNC-Hired Cybersecurity Firm Even After Botched Report – Breitbart

and he wrote an excellent timeline that details the events:

Timeline of Crowdstrike’s “Russia Hacks Ukrainian Military” Debacle + Comey’s Cleanup – Lee Stranahan

So why is Breitbart News allowing Lee to write about this story but not address it with Sean Spicer?  On Breitbart’s website, the story might garner half a million views.  If Stranahan gets to ask his question to Spicer, that visibility expands to 4-5 million people.  More traffic, more notoriety, more money and they further expose an enormous political story.

Things came to a head a day later and Stranahan quit his job at Breitbart.

Not mentioning Boyle, he said Breitbart News management would not allow him to cover White House briefings. “If a decision comes down that doesn’t allow the to do that anymore, I don’t even feel like I really had a choice even though I tried really hard to not have the outcome be what it is,” he said. “If I don’t feel like I can do my best work there, it’s time to go.”

Stranahan thankfully explained the situation more pointedly in our phone call: “I’ve been covering White House press briefings and I was told by Matt to stop doing that,” he explained in our phone conversation. “I was given no cogent reason. I was given a reason and I said, ‘That doesn’t make any sense,’ and I was told, ‘That’s the rule, dude.’”

The biggest political story in the country, Stranahan tries to blow the lid off of it, and his editor won’t let him.  Draw your own conclusions.