The House Intelligence Committee chairman states…

…that Donald Trump and his staff was indeed surveilled (although he keeps slowly creeping back from the ledge on that claim due to what I assume is some very unfriendly pressure from IA members) and that the FBI is not cooperating with Congress’ investigation.

If you’re major news paper in the Fake News Media, do you:

A) Ask the pertinent questions about the surveillance: “Who ordered it?” “Why was it ordered?”  “When was it ordered?”

B) Try to get more information on why the FBI is not cooperating:  “Has the FBI stated that they will not assist or are they just not responding to your letter?”  “Who did you contact within the FBI?”  “Have you spoken directly to Director Comey?”

C) Attack the House Intelligence Committee chairman.

The sad, pathetic propaganda outlet known as the Washington Post went with option “C”:

Nunes’s grandstanding proves he can’t lead the Russia investigation – Washington Post (Fake News entity)

So to the WashPo:

Your owner has a $600 million dollar contract with the CIA.  Half of your staff are CIA project mockingbird assets.  Fuck you and fuck off.