If you’re not familiar with Bill Binney…

…you should be.  I’ve talked about him before on this blog but not as often as I should, especially since he’s been so forthcoming with information since the Vault7 WikiLeaks release.

At one time, Binney was the top technical guy at NSA.  He’s a genius and a patriot.  He resigned in 2001 after the NSA disregarded his algorithm that would allow for mass surveillance but ensure citizen’s privacy.  He then came out as a whistleblower to little or no fanfare.

Binney is the OG intelligence agency whistleblower.  He makes Snowden look like a bitch.  After researching Binney, you’ll likely say to yourself:  “Wow, Binney’s testimony is far more explosive than Snowden’s and Binney was much, much higher up the IA chain than Snowden.  Why did the Media make such a big deal out of Snowden and completely ignored Bill Binney?’.   That’s an excellent question.  I would suggest pondering that question at length and think about what that says about Snowden’s authenticity.

But I digress.  Check out Binney’s interview last night with Tucker Carlson:

NSA WhistleBlower Bill Binney to Tucker Carlson: NSA Spying on All Branches of Government (VIDEO) – Gateway Pundit