Alex Jones caves to the lawyers…

They screwed up initially by making accusations recklessly and now they look like a bunch of pussies.

Look, I know that Jones rubs a lot of people the wrong way.  His personality is grating and every story is “THE END OF THE GODDAMN WORLD”.   He frequently allows Israel’s deep state off the hook or omits them from discussions completely.


Jones has been correct 99% of the time.  That is a fact.  He has warned the public about the evils of government, the Deep State and secret societies for years.  And damn near every time, he is dead on.   He consistently preaches the standards of liberty, freedom, non-violence and prosperity for every gender, race and creed. 

And to you James Alefantis:  You and your operation are creepy as fuck.  Any sane, sensible person with critical-thinking skills knows that something is up with you, dude.  Millions are watching you and we won’t stop just because Alex shot his mouth off and your ex-boyfriend bought you some attorneys.