Hell is calling, David Brock

David Brock, Media Matters founder and Clinton ally, suffers heart attack – ZeroHedge

David Brock, if you’re not familiar with him, is an anthropomorphic piece of shit with a rather interesting resume:

-He’s a propagandist who takes millions of dollars yearly from George Soros to run humor sites “Media Matters” and “Correct the Record”

-Former boyfriend of James Alefantis, owner of Comet Ping Pong / Pizza.

-Also runs a project called “Shareblue” which is a fancy name for an army of digital sock puppets who swarm internet comment sections and Twitter to create comments based on defined themes.  The themes I’m about to list are not made up, they’re from Shareblue documentation that was created immediately after Trump was elected and before he was even inaugurated:

  • Trump is authoritarian and a thief.
  • Trump is under the influence of Vladimir Putin.
  • Trump is a weak and quick-tempered personality, he’s a manic-depressive.
  • Trump was not elected by the majority of US citizens, and is therefore illegitimate.
  • His Vice-President, Mike Pence, is a fascist.
  • Trump is a billionaire who will constantly be faced with conflicts of interest between his personal affairs and those of state.
  • Trump is a puppet of the Koch brothers, who are famous for sponsoring the extreme right.
  • Trump is a white supremacist and a threat to minorities.
  • Anti-Trump opposition just keeps growing outside Washington.
  • To save democracy, let’s support the democrataic parliamentarians who are attacking Trump, and let’s demolish those who are co-operating with him.
  • Overthrowing Trump will take time, so don’t let’s weaken in our resolve.

And the millions of Leftist morons gobble it up.

So Mr. Brock, good luck with your recovery.  Perhaps a brush with death will be an inspiration to take stock of your life and result in a new direction for you.  A direction that involves truth and decency and building things instead of tearing them down.