Every time he loses….

…he wins big.  Apologies again for the break in posting.  I left you all with these words:

But I’d ask that you don’t get upset.  It doesn’t seem like it at first glance, but this is another example of Trump winning and winning big.  I’ll explain in the next post.

Every time Trump seems to have taken a significant hit, he has turned it into an advantage.  Sometimes it’s simply deft counter-punching and I maintain that sometimes, it’s all by design.  The Left in this country always portrays Republican Presidents as stupid going all the way back to Ford.   “Trump is an idiot”, “Bannon is the real President”, etc etc.  Their tendency to underestimate him will be their undoing.  So here we go:

The Flynn resignation – A man who has fought against enormous odds at every turn (The DNC, the Fake News Media, the RNC, the Uni-party members, Wall Street, the entire Deep State), caved without so much as a whimper in dispatching General Flynn.  Think about that for a bit, and then keep watching.  Flynn is very much a part of the administration.  More on this later in the post

Remember when Melania Trump was accused of plagiarism?  It was a feeding frenzy because she committed the horrific crime of reading a speech written by a staff speech-writer who stupidly cribbed a few passages from one of Michele Obama’s speeches.  The entire Fake News Media attacked Meliana Trump.  Many politicians in that situation would have given endless mea culpas to the Media.  But not Trump.  He defended his wife at every turn and for many, the dynamic changed from a plagiarism scandal to bullying.  The entire FNM was publically ridiculing a woman who had just conquered her fears of the spotlight, and Donald Trump was the strong, protective husband who refused to back down against the bullies.  This all happened RIGHT at the time when Trump’s support with women was shaky after the leak of the infamous “grab them by the pussy” tape.

This is a forgotten element of the campaign, but I have talked to women who stated that this event was the turning point for them in supporting Trump for President.

The overturning of Trump’s 7 country travel ban (twice).  Democrats will be flayed the next time there’s a terrorist attack in the United States for the next 8 YEARS.  Any terrorist attack inside the U.S. will be immediately, and justifiably laid at the feet of the Left.

The Intelligence leaks that to the outside observer, seem to be crippling the Trump Administration.  CIA leaks took down Flynn.  Later on, one week after a round of IA leaks about the Trump administration, WikiLeaks released the first batch of Vault 7 documents, including a document showing the CIA meddling in France’s election.  The American public was given actual proof of election meddling and it wasn’t the Russians, it was our own CIA   But more importantly, the genie is out of the bottle in regards to Intelligence leaks.  Leaks can now occur from loyalist elements of the Deep State with the goal of taking the entire apparatus down.  The Vault 7 leaks likely came from a CIA insider and there are rumblings just today of as many as 4 whistle blowers ready to come out of the shadows with files that name names.    And going back to the first item, General Flynn:  don’t forget that Flynn was in his position as the National Security Advisor long enough to accumulate a massive amount of data.

So ask yourself: when Flynn resigned, did Trump really make the unprecedented move of caving to political and media pressure?  Or did he let it happen for the sake of letting his enemy show their hand and reveal the rogue elements of the Deep State and consequently, allow Trump to take the chain off an attack dog (Flynn) with visible targets in the yard?

Going back to the event that started this whole post, the 2nd overturning of the travel ban by Judge Derrick Watson.  Republicans own 2/3 of governorships in this country.  They own 2/3 of State Legislatures.  They are the majority in the House of Representatives and the Senate.  These numbers mean that there is a Goddamn mandate for Trump’s temporary travel ban.  And the people that gave Trump that mandate see Watson’s decision as just another example of a corrupt, broken government that needs to be cleaned the fuck out.

All this ruling did was piss off millions of already extremely pissed off people.

And Trump gets stronger again.