We’ve grown stupid..

Trump proposed his budget yesterday.  It’s been fascinating to see the reactions.  Two lessons here:

  1. We’ve got a lot of stupid people in this country.  The Left abhors organized religion but they’ve got as much faith in The State as any Christian has in Jesus.  Every company in the country has had to tighten its collective belt over the past 9 years but the Federal government never did.  Somehow that’s supposed to be acceptable.  Why?  Why is it wrong for the Federal government to tighten its belt when times get tough?  But that’s simply unthinkable for many people.
  2. You’re going to see just how full of shit most Republicans are.  Of course, that’s because most of them belong to the Uniparty.  Not as many of the Democrats of course, but it’s certainly a majority.  For 8 years we’ve heard that federal spending is out of control.  Now that they have the chance to vote on a budget that actually addresses that out of control spending, they’ll balk.  Just you watch.

Otherwise in general, I like the budget.  People do not realize just how close we are to the financial crash of all financial crashes.  We must get our spending under control and pay down the debt followed by some fundamental changes to the monetary system.  We cannot continue to finance growth with debt.  I appreciate the arts as much as anyone, but we cannot be spending billions to fund them given the challenges we face.

My only problem with the budget proposal is increased military spending.  There is zero need for this.  Keep military spending flat or decrease it and focus on eliminating waste and corruption.  Eliminate no-bid contracts.  Establish oversight on Black and SAP (special access programs) projects and reconcile the 4+ trillion missing from the Pentagon’s budget.