Numbers don’t care about your feelings, snowflake.

Democrats Stunned by Poll: They’re Much Less Popular Than Trump- Squawker

The poll was conducted in the first week of March and sampled people from different places, age groups, and political affiliations.  Out of the 1000 individuals surveyed, 479 were male, 521 female, 207 were from the northeast, 336 were from the south, 242 from the Midwest, and 215 from the west.  352 were registered Democrats, 330 Republican, and 318 independents; 300 were between 18-34, 262 were 35-49, 261 were 50-64, and 157 were 65+.

The results of the poll were conclusive.  47% told pollsters that they approved of the job Donald Trump is doing, while only 35% of people approved of Hillary Clinton, with the Democratic party at 36%.  Many mainstream media outlets, which have been harshly critical of the new president, were obviously surprised by the numbers.
47% approval despite a non-stop assault by the entire FNM, the Democrats, the Republicans, the CIA, NSA, and FBI.   And still 20 points higher than the Democrats.  I have repeatedly told people that the number of rabid, anti-Trump, anti-free speech fascists is far smaller than you think.  I’d say this poll certainly supports that assertion.