A hand goes unshaken…

…and the internet breaks.  Every POS Leftist community on the web is in full meltdown mode because President Trump refused to shake Angela Merkel’s hand today.  I refuse to link to them because I will not give the bloodsuckers of this country like Kos or TPM a single penny, even if inadvertently.

For any decent, informed human being, Angela Merkel is a pariah.  This woman is supervising the destruction of the German culture.  She is a symbol of everything we are fighting against.  She is the prototypical out of touch plutocrat who follows the orders of someone else than her citizens.  I wouldn’t shake that cunt’s hand either.

Germany remains staunchly in favor of its own destruction.  I would expect their “Trump” (the AfD party) to gain some seats but their candidate will be a distant third to Merkel and Schultz.  Basically Germany will choose to die by either socialism or communism.  Either way, the German people have shown no ability to rise above the guilt trips that are a part of establishment politics in the West.  I expect Germany to become the first industrialized country in the West to collapse barring a dramatic change in character for the German people.  They have one of the most corrupt people in Europe leading their country, and they’re incapable of standing up to her.

The UK stepped up.  I expect France to step up and if the election is even remotely fair, Le Penn will be elected and France will leave the E.U.  France has always been a friend to the U.S. and it would be damn good to have our buddy back.

Germany would be nice to have back as well, but it aint happening folks and Trump knows it.  And today, he showed that he knows why.