Treachery, part deux

Let’s start with a statement by Judge Andrew Napolitano this morning (4o second video)

Don’t listen to his words as a Democrat or a Republican or a Libertarian or whatever.  Listen to it as an American.  If you have the least bit of American blood in you, it should be boiling.

More here:

Judge Napolitano: ‘Three Intel Sources’ Say Obama Looked to Brit Agency to Spy on Trump – Breitbart

Perhaps I was incorrect in assuming that Obama’s fingerprints wouldn’t be directly on this crime.

UPDATE: After thinking about this a bit, there’s two obvious questions about this scandal:  Which nation state was used to spy on Trump for Obama and HRC and who told Trump?   The obvious pick for the first question would be Great Britain.  They have the tech and know-how to do it and Great Britain is a lap dog to the U.S. IA’s and military.  But my guess is that it’s Israel because I believe it was Benjamin Netanyahu that told Trump he was being spied upon.

Purely an informed guess.  I’ll keep digging.