Special Needs..

For Media, Protecting Obama Comes Before Attacking Trump – Breitbart

Well of course.  He’s our first special-needs, affirmative action President.  We can’t be too tough on him no matter how many laws he breaks or how much he undermined and continues to undermine the country.

The most revealing aspect of the controversy surrounding President Donald Trump’s accusation that his predecessor spied on him has been the speed with which the mainstream media abandoned the accusations of “Russian hacking” as soon as Barack Obama was vulnerable.

As Andrew McCarthy of National Review observes, the denials Sunday by Obama’s former Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, suggest everything the mainstream media claimed about Russian influence was false:

He writes:

For months, the media-Democrat complex has peddled a storyline that the Putin regime in Russia hacked the U.S. presidential election … Well, this weekend, the potentially explosive story [surveillance] detonated. It happened in the now familiar way: jaw-dropping tweets by President Trump. … Now that they’ve been called on it, the media and Democrats are gradually retreating from the investigation they’ve been touting for months as the glue for their conspiracy theory.