They’ll turn us all into beggars…

…’cause they’re easier to please.

Leaked Documents Show Obamacare was Designed to Destroy Middle Class Home Ownership – Infowars

Remarkable as it may seem, leaked documents from the Obama administration Treasury department now in the possession of prove the Obama administration started planning in 2010 to eliminate home ownership as a pillar of the American Dream.

The paltry 53 documents (of the 11,000 still under Obama administration seal) that Judge Margaret M. Sweeney of the U.S. Court of Federal Claims in Washington, D.C., made public last October were more than enough to prove the Obama administration forced the government’s two giant mortgage Government Sponsored Entities (GSE) to fail.

That the Obama administration planned to “wind down” Fannie and Freddie helps explain why the Treasury Department was willing to strip them of the profits needed to rebuild the substantial capital base necessary for the two mortgage Government Sponsored Entities (GSEs) to continue playing their historical role of buying mortgages from mortgage originators as a plan to provide mortgage originators the liquidity need to keep the private middle-income mortgage market in the United States.
Anyone familiar with the post-crisis mortgage market knows that “winding down” Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac means “winding down private home ownership”.  Property rights are a pillar of a republic.  The abolition of those rights are a pillar of a communist state.