Pretending that Trump has no evidence that he was wire tapped…

…has got to stop.  A theme of this blog has been the short memories Americans possess, but this is becoming absurd.  Every fake news media outlet, be it TV or print, the pundits, the Democrat politicians and millions of brain-dead zombies are all saying:  “Trump has no proof.  He’s a liar.” on the issue of the Obama Administration wiretapping him.  This despite the fact that these same brain-dead zombies are absurdly credulous about every single report that Trump is a Russian spy, regardless of the fact that these reports are never sourced, they never provide proof or a human being not named “anonymous”.

The reality is that the Intelligence agencies have been tapping Trump and his cabinet for a YEAR.  I don’t know that because of some insider source.  I know that because the very same media entities that are claiming or implying that Trump is lying about being tapped are the same entities that have published/broadcasted news articles about the Obama Administration surveilling Trump and his cabinet.

Watch this video with Mark Levin (and if you’re one of those Liberal mind-slaves, you need to shut the fuck up, sit down and watch this goddamn video):


Another very important video to watch.  This is an RT news segment from last night where ex-CIA analyst and ex-State Department employee, Larry Johnson was interviewed on this issue:

Johnson believes as I do that Barack Obama did not order the surveillance, but he undoubtedly was aware of it and approved of it.  This act on the part of the intel agencies, the department of Justice and Barack Obama is sedition.  Period.

On a related note, a very important question.  We now know that Trump had his phone and computer equipment under surveillance for a full year.  We also know that the evil motherfuckers in the Intel agencies and the White House will literally do anything to rid themselves of Donald Trump.  So is it logical to say that if they had anything of substance from a year of surveillance that they would not hesitate to use this information?

And yet there is nothing.  Nada.  Zilch.  Russian allegations with no evidence whatsoever.  This is evidence that Trump is an extraordinarily decent, scrupulous and ethical human being.  The exact opposite of what millions of imbeciles have been saying during their four month tantrum.

This scandal is going to be very interesting to follow.  Trump would not have made this public if he didn’t have evidence.