Commentary on the Obama wiretap tomorrow…

This situation is developing so I’m going to hold my tongue until we have a bit more information.  However, I will make one comment on this situation.

It is highly unlikely that this was Obama’s idea.  He most certainly knew about the tap.  However, I suspect very strongly that the person that requested the tap was Hillary Clinton.  Now, a reasonable response to this assertion would be to ask how HRC could arrange such a thing when she’s not even part of the government.  The answer to that question is:  Andrew McCabe.

That is a name you should become very familiar with.  McCabe is the deputy director of the FBI and has worked closely with the Clintons on multiple fronts for years.  He has repeatedly killed FBI investigations into the Clintons and has been rewarded with a promotion every time he has done so.  He would have had the ability to implement the wiretap.  And let’s remember, nobody would have more to gain from Trump Tower being wiretapped than HRC, his opponent in the election.