What will it take..

…for Europeans to push back.   You cannot be blamed for not being up to speed on the horrors inflicted upon European communities by muslims.  The fake news media doesn’t cover it here in the states, nor do they cover it in Europe.

And frankly, we don’t want to think about these things and we don’t want to think that way.  We don’t want to believe that a culture is incompatible with Western values.  No matter how much we rebel against the damaging PC culture that the Left has created, we can’t help but be programmed by it just a bit.

We have to snap out of this trance.  Europe needs to wake the fuck up.  In the video I’m about to post, the independent journalist covers some of the horrific acts I referenced previously.  A teenage girl being gang-raped by muslim men for days.  The police caught them in the act and the girl was charged with lewd behavior.  Pedophilia goes unchecked because to arrest Muslims for this crime would be “intolerant of their culture”.

My answer to the journalists question is:  I really don’t know.  There are obvious exceptions, but the sad, pathetic fact is that Europeans as a whole are a bunch of gutless, callow and weak-willed pussies.  Always have been and likely always will.  All I know is that what’s going on in Europe is making it’s way here to the States, and we’d better be prepared to respond very differently to this threat than the people of Europe have.