I’ll never lead you astray…

…although that’s not to say I don’t make mistakes.  But I’m careful, have good sources and I’m well-researched.  As I’ve said before many times, the CIA has enjoyed tremendous influence over the mainstream media (Fake News Media) for a very long time:

Newly-Declassified Documents Show that CIA Worked Closely with Owners and Journalists with Many of the Largest Media Outlets – ZeroHedge

Newly-declassified documents show that a senior CIA agent and Deputy Director of the Directorate of Intelligence worked closely with the owners and journalists of many of the largest media outlets.
An expert on propaganda testified under oath during trial that the CIA now employs THOUSANDS of reporters and OWNS its own media organizations. Whether or not his estimate is accurate, it is clear that many prominent reporters still report to the CIA.
Unfortunately, the CIA’s agenda is not life, liberty and the American way.  It is a self-serving, anti-liberty agenda and we must support this President in dismantling that wicked organization.