A brilliant speech..

I don’t normally link to Fake News Media sites like the Washington Post, but this is one of those rare articles with some insight.

Once again, Trump succeeded where he was supposed to fail – Washington Post

Once again, then, Trump succeeded in a setting where nearly everybody — including me — thought he would fail.

The Democrats looked especially awkward. So much of their detestation of Trump arises not from policy differences but from horror at his gaucherie and bizarre rhetorical excesses. But none of that is relevant in a State of the Union-style address. Subtract the issues of Obamacare repeal, immigration and the president’s hard-line policies on domestic security — the latter two of which don’t lend themselves to clear ideological allegiances — and much of what Trump had to say could have been said by any Democratic president. Even on the topic of health care, Trump offered several proposals that, taken on their own, most Democrats probably wouldn’t object to, hence making it rather difficult for them to do what they would have preferred to do, namely glower at the president’s let-them-eat-cake obstructionism.

What were Democrats supposed to do when, for instance, Trump vowed “to make child care accessible and affordable, to help ensure new parents have paid family leave, to invest in women’s health, and to promote clean air and clear water, and to rebuild our military and our infrastructure”?

I guess … we’ll applaud? Clap, clap?

I’ve tried explaining to a few Trump-hating Liberals that Trump isn’t really a Republican and that he’s far more left-wing than any President in modern history.  As you’d expect, this just does not compute and is angrily dismissed.  The problem is that for Liberals, their values are secondary.  It’s all about going whichever direction the herd is currently aimed.  Consequently, they have to keep carrying more and more cognitive dissonance around.  Those bags have got to be getting mighty heavy.