The Russian derangement continues…

…because the people that know better have discovered what a powerful weapon it is.

Let’s start with some sanity:

House Intel Chair Nunes: ‘No Evidence’ of Contact Between Trump Campaign, Russia – Breitbart

As the House Intel Committee Chair, Nunes has access to highly classified material.  Critical-thinking skills time: If the intel agencies had information to the contrary, would he make this statement at the risk of looking like a fool?

But this kind of information means nothing compared to the bleating of treasonous politicians aimed at soft-headed constituents:

Issa’s fellow globalist dog, George W. Bush even got in on the action:

George W. Bush demands answers on Trump and Russia – ABC News

Unsurprisingly, the meme in Liberal La La land has now become “I disagreed with George W. Bush when he was President, but he’s a good man.”  Contrast this with Bush’s Presidency when all we heard was that Bush was a murderer and the living embodiment of Adolf Hitler.  Bush was and is an evil man, but this is just another example of the absurd partisanship on display by Liberals;  Absurd partisanship that has led to the American Left having some extremely humorous bedfellows in people like George W and John McCain.

So let’s get back to a little bit of sanity:


Tracey who is by no means a fan of Trump wrote a follow-up article to his tweet:

Recent Town Hall Meetings Show Why Fomenting Russia Hysteria Is So Harmful – Medium

Can the Left in this country rehabilitate itself and regain just a tiny shred of intellectualism?