A comedy of errors (and corruption).

The DNC elected Tom Perez to chairman of their organization today.  Perez quickly hired Keith Ellison to the deputy chairman position.

For those of you familiar with the backgrounds of these two men, I swear I’m not making a joke with this article.  The DNC actually put these two men in charge.  If this post was a joke, I would have started it off with:

So an establishment stooge and a member of the Muslim Brotherhood walk into a bar…

(Before we get too far, let’s not forget that the DNC started out the festivities by giving the middle finger to their tiny handful of principled followers: DNC votes to roll back Obama ban against corporate lobby donations)

It’s late on a Saturday night so I’m not going to post half a dozen links now, but if you want to see Ellison’s links to the Muslim Brotherhood, just google “Keith Ellison ties to Muslim Brotherhood”.  He can’t seem to stay away from their events (no, not those events) and has no problem taking their money for his campaigns.  Ellison is anti-Semitic, even Democrats have accused him of being so:

Prominent Democratic donor, Haim Saban: “..he is clearly an anti-Semite and anti-Israel individual.”


Perez’ resume:

He once refused to affirm that the Obama Justice Department (where he worked) wouldn’t criminalize criticism of Islam.

During the Presidential Campaign, he advised Hillary Clinton to cast Sanders as a “candidate of whites” to turn off minorities.

Once again, any semblance of a Democracy is subverted.  The Clinton and Obama camps made sure Ellison didn’t win.


Perhaps the saddest thing is the true believers in the Democrat party out there have no clue that most of the voting members are consultants and lobbyists that benefit from the status quo continuing.

The Democrats are doing exactly what I predicted and exactly what I warned against: Moving even further to the left, moving the party closer to their lunatic base.

Perhaps President Trump (typing “President Trump” never gets old) said it best: