Something you won’t read anywhere else.

If you recall, about a month ago, Donald Trump made a very odd Tweet in regards to the violence in Chicago.

Here’s the tweet:


Even to supporters of Donald Trump, this Tweet seems over-the-top.  It’s an extreme response, even when one considers that a major facet of his campaign was the improvement of conditions for blacks in the inner city.

Yesterday in the Democrat-run hellhole that is Chicago, there were 13 shootings and 7 homicides.  One of the people murdered was 8 months pregnant.  Donald Trump addressed the violence in Chicago today on Twitter:


So why so much interest from Trump?  For that matter, why does Chicago have SO much more violence than far larger cities like Los Angeles and New York?  There’s one answer to both questions.

This is not common knowledge (although I expect that to change in the coming months), but one of the biggest illicit industries in the world is illegal organ harvesting and trafficking.  Short of narco-trafficking and human slavery, no illegal trade is larger.  This is a billion dollar industry that nobody knows about.  There are harvesting operations everywhere.  It doesn’t matter if it’s the developing world or the West, there’s large-scale illegal organ harvesting being performed.  Young people being slaughtered to provide hearts, livers and especially kidneys to the elite individuals that can pay for them.

There is one such operation in Chicago.