The truth about Sweden.

There’s two bottom lines to this story:

  1. The American Fake News Media refuses to report the epidemic of violence and rape in Sweden that has been caused by mass Muslim migration because it doesn’t fit the narrative that we should welcome mass migration of people with values incompatible with Western values.
  2. The imbeciles that constitute the anti-Trump bots are more than happy to believe this narrative despite the wealth of reporting and video to the contrary because if they can pretend that there’s not a problem, then they don’t have to do anything about it or stand up to evil.

At the rally in Florida, Trump made a nebulous comment about something bad happening in Sweden the previous night.  The Fake News Media immediately jumped all over that statement with the usual snark:  “Donald Trump talked about a terrorist attack in Sweden last night… except there was no terrorist attack”.

The fact is that there’s something bad happening in Sweden every goddamn night.   Sweden has been ahead of the curve in Europe in terms of allowing a large number of Muslim immigrants into their country.  From 2003 to last year, rapes have risen 250 percent.  Sexual molestation incidents have increased 20% since 2015.

A Swedish police investigator stated publicly that the crimes are mostly committed by Muslim Immigrants.  That officer is now under criminal investigation for “incitement to racial hatred”, despite the statistics supporting his statement.

A simple YouTube search reveals dozens of videos of Muslim riots in major Swedish cities.  From the following article:

Fact Check: Trump is Right. Violence is Rising in Sweden –

What’s Really Happening

In the video below, a Swede in Rinkeby contradicts Swedish politicians and media reports. She says there isn’t a large police presence; they show up after the riots calm down. Law enforcement has set off 55 no-go zones, she reports. Law enforcement will not go into them unless in large patrols. The left-leaning media denies the existence of the no-go zones.
Videos show the radical Islamists plotting against law enforcement. They will plant a bomb in a trash can, then put it on fire. When the fire department comes to put out a fire, the bomb explodes on them. Similarly, they set traps for the police. They will report a rob and throw rocks at them.
The woman goes on to say that Trump’s remarks were accurate. In fact, the reason the violence doesn’t make the news is because it’s so prevalent. “There aren’t any headlines about this kind of stuff,” she explains, “since it’s so common.” Additionally, the Swedish politicians who deny it’s happening are “too proud … to admit they got it wrong. … They want to believe that they are so morally superior to everyone else that their multiculturalism can’t fail and that their feminism can’t fail.”
The only positive with this situation is that it’s such a clear case of the American fake news media flat out lying to Americans that this sad subject can be a useful tool in waking up the anti-Trump bots.
Even the Left-Wing UK Express has been forced to acknowledge that Sweden is in flames:
As you’ll see in the PJW video, a camera crew for a local tv station goes to interview muslim migrants in the middle of the day about violence in Sweden, and they’re attacked.  You need to watch this entire video.
And lastly: