From the archives…

When I stumble across an article of interest but don’t have time to post it and write about it, I’ll save the link to the article in a text file.  The links frequently outpace what I can post to the blog.  From time to time, I’ll go through the links and try to find items that aren’t so dated as to no longer be relevant.  So here’s a couple of good ones that are still worth talking about:

HERE’S WHY OBAMA JUST SLAMMED THE DOOR On Cuban-Americans In A HUGE Move In His Final Days – 100% Fucked Up

Not a peep from the Left on this one, but they’ll wear felt vaginas on their heads in the streets over a 90 pause.


Obama Expands Surveillance Powers on His Way Out – EFF

Barry massively expanded the surveillance State as he left office and it’s all focused on regular people like you and I.  Well not regular, if I’m being honest.  If you’re here on this blog, you’re probably exceptional.  But thanks to Barry, all 16 Intel agencies are sucking up every exceptional digital bit you create.


‘Legacy’: 10 Ways Barack Obama Broke the American System – Breitbart

Some Cliffs’ Notes on one of the most corrupt ideologues to ever sit in the Oval Office.