An amazing interview..

ZeroHedge is one of the real news sources that I have immense respect for.  Imminently knowledgeable writers with years of experience working within government and finance.  That’s one of the reasons that makes their interview with a DHS insider so meaningful.  Although admittedly, part of my fondness for the article is that it confirms many of the things I’ve been reporting here for quite some time:

DHS Insider Warns “It’s Spy Versus Spy” – ZeroHedge

We have been trying to get to the bottom of PizzaGate for months and the answers we got from our DHS insider stunned and shocked us. Here we go!

Q. So, in the Intelligence community, how chaotic is the atmosphere now?
A. In my 34 years of Governmental service, I have never seen anything like it.  It’s the bifurcation of the entire intelligence apparatus.

Q. It seems the intel community has it in for Trump – is this your feeling?
A. There are many Trump supporters within the FBI.  The CIA, however,  is against Trump because Trump threatens to ruin their game in the middle east.

Q. Can you elaborate?
A. CIA and Mossad work in tandem with British intel.  The goal for the CIA was to replace Assad with a puppet and to topple Iran so we could access their oil.  Israel works closely with it’s “sister”, Saudi Arabia, to help this dark cause.

(Mr. Sasshole note: The following answer by the DHS source is perhaps the most important one  of the Q&A)
Q.  So it seems like the intel community has it in for Trump. How can he protect himself?
A. Trump has a tremendous opportunity here, but needs to circle wagons. The travel ban included 7 countries chosen by both Jared Kushner and Rudy. Why did it not include Saudi Arabia, or Pakistan, or Turkey or other countries that hate us? The seven nations mentioned were chosen by Israel, that’s why. And the unspoken alliance of Israel and Saudi Arabia should be exposed. They are brother and sister. Jared Kushner needs to be careful with what he says and to whom. But, the biggest thing Trump can do is expose PedoGate via Sessions. Big names will go down hard, and it gets the blood suckers drained from the swamp. There are as many pedophiles on the Republican side as there is with democrats, but Trump is in a unique position to truly “clean up Dodge”, so to speak. I can tell you that what is in Anthony Weiner’s hard drive, and what videos exist via Jeffery Epstein, WILL BRING massive arrests – in time. Trump’s legacy could be truly great if he was to purge the CIA, stop the extortion, prosecute the pedophiles and reinstate the death penalty for pedo’s convicted a second time.  Pedogate is his path to greatness.
Please read this entire article/interview.  It is a must read.

PizzaGate is but a thread dangling off a sweater sleeve.  Pedogate is the whole damn sweater.  Hell, it’s the whole herd of sheep used for the wool to make that sweater.  This is the big one and if Trump can get in position to break it open, it will fundamentally transform this government moving forward.  People will never, ever get comfy with turning a blind eye to government in our lifetimes.  As I mentioned a while back when I first posted about PizzaGate, I wasn’t reporting on it because my reaction was not much more than “meh”.  Please do not misinterpret my lack of enthusiasm in the story for a lack of enthusiasm for bringing these bastards to justice.  I would happily slit the throat of every elite that has spent a lifetime of “public service” by day, and the abuse, torture and murder of children by night.  But I’ve been aware of the systemic abuse of children among the western elites for so long that I wasn’t surprised.

If Trump can maneuver into a position to break this case open, it will be very, very ugly.  A lot of sacred cows will be slain.  Politicians and beauracrats you might have admired will be exposed.  Nobody will be comfortable because pedophilia is a decidedly non-partisan activity.  The focus right now is on the Democrats because of PizzaGate, but make no mistake: There are as many Republican politicians engaging in this horrific behavior as there are Democrats.  The repercussions of this breaking will be numerous, destabilizing and unpredictable.  Initially, it make have negative consequences for the American people.

 But regardless of any negative consequences,   this is a horrifically dark chapter of human civilization.  We must support the President in this endeavor.