Mike Flynn was never intended to remain in Trump’s Cabinet.

He was a sacrificial lamb.

Let me explain.

Trump is up against extraordinarily daunting odds.  Numerous members of the Intel Agencies are not loyal to the United States or the Constitution.  We’re seeing this play out right now for the world to see.  Numerous members of the Executive Branch who are hold-overs from the Obama Admin are still loyal to the Obama Admin.  As I write this, Rex Tillerson is literally issuing orders to his own State Department subordinates and those orders are either being ignored or corrupted.  Hundreds, if not thousands of snakes in high positions in government and Intel.

Trump’s ace in the hole is that he can fire anyone.  But you have to know who is loyal and who the traitors are.  And so Donald Trump made a sacrifice to draw them out.

Why have ten different media outlets reported ten different versions of how the Flynn firing/resignation went down?  Why did Flynn resign even though the FBI saw the transcripts of his calls and cleared him of wrong doing?

There were ten different versions because Trump crafted ten different versions of the story and spread them.  And then he waited to see which version(s) would surface and where.  The eagerness to betray Trump on the part of these people and the Fake News Media ensured it would happen rapidly.  And now Trump knows who is leaking and they’ll be erased.