The Flynn resignation becomes more disturbing..

We have two seemingly unrelated stories that I am told are closely related.

As you all know, General Flynn resigned two days ago as the National Security Advisor to the President.  I also posted about a story 10 days ago regarding four brothers who worked as IT staffers for Congress.  The brothers Awan were used by multiple Democrat members of Congress, including members of the most security-sensitive committees (Intelligence panel, Foreign Affairs).  They inappropriately accessed multiple networks and stole equipment.  This apparently went on for over two years and most unusually, they were all paid three times the normal salary for an IT staffer in congress.  Very unusual, and yet oddly, the story came and went.

And the story disappeared.  One would think with how hyper-vigilant Democrats are about matters of security, even imagined matters of security, this issue would attract more attention.

Now I am told that the story has disappeared because the NSA is protecting the Awan Brothers.  This begs several questions.  Were they spying for the NSA?  Was their outrageously high compensation a result of them being intelligence assets?  How could they hack into Congressional records for years unless they had cover from the Intel world?

I was told that this relates directly to General Flynn’s resignation but was not given details.

The battle Trump is facing is not unlike David vs. Goliath except there’s a thousand Goliaths and they lurk in the shadows.