A parable..

A monster makes his home in a cave on a mountain above a village.

Children start disappearing from the village.  The adults are terrified.  They haven’t the strength to kill the monster.

The village lives in fear as more and more children disappear with each passing year.

Finally the day arrives that the monster leaves.  There are very few children left in the village and the monster decides to find another village with plenty of children to satisfy its appetite.

With the monster gone, the villagers apprehensively climb up the mountain to the cave to find out the fate of their beloved children.  A few lucky survivors are all that’s left of the children that were taken.

Now, let’s talk about the real world where the monsters are every bit is real, they just happen to look like you and I.


Sex trafficking.  Organ harvesting.  And if you disregard this claim out of hand because it’s too difficult to believe, then fuck you and fuck off.  These are children who are being used as nothing more than sex slaves and personal organ banks.  You owe it to those children to research this issue if you think there’s even a tiny chance I’m right.  Pedogate/Pizzagate researchers are dying.  This is real.

I’ve talked many times about the decades-long psyop that the intelligence agencies have been running against the American people with the goal of convincing people to doubt their own common sense and critical thinking when it comes to a conspiracy.  But there’s another factor that I just worked out recently that causes people to dismiss certain conspiracies out of hand without investigating.

When a conspiracy is particularly horrific (like Pedo/PizzaGate), people don’t want to even consider that it’s real because if it is real, then they are morally obligated to do something about it.

Last June, I said the following in a post:

After taking care of your wife, your child, your family and being a just and moral person and making sure you’re giving more back to the world than what you’re taking from it, you fight evil when you see it.  You call it out, you expose it, you confront it and you fucking do something to stop it. 

Now that a decent human being is in the White House, it’s easy to sit back and leave all the dirty work  to him.  He cannot do it alone.  You have to work and fight to create the world you want, a world that doesn’t allow politicians, intelligence agencies, elements of military leadership and billion-dollar corporations to treat a civilian population like their own personal butcher shop.