The first NSA whistle blower, Bill Binney.. a bombshell interview that nobody in the Fake News Media will pay any attention to.

Nsa, Bill Binney: “Things won’t change until we put these people in jail”

And if you need any motivation to read the interview, here’s a single Q&A:

Your system was cancelled by the NSA, which favoured a multi-billion dollar system called “Trailblaizer” How do you know that your programme could have worked to prevent 9/11? Did you test it?

“The reason I know that for a fact is that Tom Drake took the software we had for ThinThread, basically after the NSA cancelled our programme, and ran it against the entire NSA database in February 2002. We found that all the data about the attack was in there, where they were going, who they were connecting with, actually even the date of the attack: 9/11. So it was all in the NSA database, they just didn’t know they had it there. That’s the whole point”.