It’s easy to get caught up in the “what”…

…and in the process, not understand the “why”.

For anyone who has been following global politics for the last few years, you know that the following pieces of information are fact:

-The Obama Administration and NATO have spent the last 24 months provoking Russia at every opportunity.

-The United States Media has deliberately distorted or outright lied about events (such as the Ukraine) in an effort to frame Russia as a lawless, marauding nation.

-Russia wanted Trump to win because they have no interest in World War 3, which Hillary would have assured.

-Putin is not a slave of the New World Order.

-The Elites, the people that run this planet really, really, really want the United States to go to war with Russia.

As informed, learned people that eschew tribalism for critical thinking, we know these things.  But why do the elites want war between the United States and Russia?  This author gets as closer than anyone else:

What is Behind the Push for War with Russia? -Daily Stormer

He does not say why this “war party,” as he calls it, wants to regime change Putin. But a look at recent Russian history, a history that he has written so much about, makes it clear.

After the Soviet Union was dismantled in what was basically an unconstitutional coup carried out by the Russian President Boris Yeltsin at a time when Russia was just one (although by far the largest) of the 15 Soviet republics that made up the Soviet Union, he proceeded to privatize state assets as part of a “shock therapy” program pushed by Harvard Professor (((Jeffrey Sachs))), who was brought in as an advisor by Privatization Minister (((Anatoly Chubais))).

President Clinton sent over more Jews to advise Yeltsin on how to “reform” the economy, including Treasury Department officials (((Lawrence Summers))) (later Treasury Secretary) and (((Peter Orszag))) (later Budget Director). Under the Sachs plan, the Russian government issued vouchers to the population, which would be exchanged for shares in privatized companies. With the economy in free fall, people were willing to sell those vouchers on the cheap to anyone who would pay cash. And who had cash?

Chubais, Summers, and Orszag matched international Jewish financiers, like (((George Soros))), to young Jews with political connections. These young Jews with access to international financial capital were then able to buy up massive amounts of vouchers and take control of the privatized state assets. The international financiers could not do it themselves, because they were not Russian citizens. They needed fellow tribalists in Russia. A rigged “Loans for Shares” in the mid-1990s further solidified Jewish control over the Russian economy.

Meanwhile, living standards for Russians plummeted. Life expectancy for men fell by about eight years. Death rates sky-rocketed, mostly due to alcoholism, but starvation and freezing were not uncommon. Jews who did not benefit from this Jewish takeover of the country emigrated to Israel, the United States or Europe. Their presence was not necessary in Russia.

I want to be very clear, this article is not an indictment of Jews.  This blog has never tolerated anti-Semitism and never will.  After all, I’m not a Democrat.  But the reality is that there are Zionist elements of both the Israeli government and the Elites.  They are demented, vengeful children with all the money in the world.  A dangerous combination.  And they are terribly angry because Putin did what Trump is trying to do now:  Destroy the oligarchs.  Trump’s phrase for this process is “Drain the Swamp” but the meaning is the same.  Undermine then destroy the shadow government, return national sovereignty to Americans.