Again, we need to ask “Why?”

As I’m sure most of you know, WikiLeaks has been tweeting out cryptic clues for the past few weeks.  If you’re not familiar with this, please go to this link for a summary and then come back.

Everyone on Twitter/4Chan/Reddit is caught up in trying to figure out what WikiLeaks is hinting at.

Nobody is stopping to ask why they are doing this.

In the past, Assange never played games.  He’d say he had information to release in a week, and a week later he’d release information.  He has always been direct and forthright when disseminating data.  Suddenly this has changed.  Why?

In full disclosure, I do not know what WikiLeaks is doing here.  My sources do not know.  What I do know is the following:

-Assange is in danger of being evicted from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.  The Ecuadorian elections are being held on February 19th.  The current President (Rafael Correa) is at the end of his term limit and one of the candidates has promised to evict Assange from the embassy if elected.  Perhaps WikiLeaks is breaking tradition in an attempt to drum up interest and support for an information release that could provide Assange with some leverage if evicted.

-We have seen no true proof of life for Assange in months.  We’ve seen some pre-recorded videos and nothing more.  I assure you that U.S. Intel agencies have the technology to digitally recreate a human being on video with sufficient realism to fool you.

-There are some members of our intelligence apparatus that believe Assange is already at a Black Site for interrogation.  To be clear, these individuals did not have first hand knowledge.  But it was their professional opinion that Assange has most likely been removed from the Embassy some time ago.

Regardless of what Vault 7 refers to, I am aware of nothing more important than the 650k emails from Anthony Weiner’s laptop.  The public release of this data would result in a grievous wound to the Deep State.  These emails must be released to the public.