Support for Muslim Migrants in Germany has Collapsed..

And consequently, Merkel is now fighting for her political life now that the Germans realize she’s destroyed Germany.

There’s a lot to learn from this situation for the people currently losing their shit over Trump’s travel ban.  The big question they need to ask themselves is whether or not they genuinely care about helping these migrants.

Do you?  Do you, as a human being, genuinely empathize with the plight of these people and consequently want to help them as effectively as possible?  You can lie to me, but you can’t lie to yourself.  If the answer genuinely and truly is “yes”, then you can help them the most by not bringing them into the United States.  We can look to Germany for evidence on why.

A majority of migrants who are currently living in Germany are illiterate in their own language.  Consequently, they have no capacity to integrate or be productive or be anything other than a slave to the German welfare state.  If they are instead moved to a safe zone in the middle east, the very same safe zones that Trump is working with Saudi Arabia and Iraq to create, they not only will be safe, they’ll have a chance to be a functioning member of society.   And at 1/11th the cost of importing them here.

There’s also the issue of major German cities being turned into rape zones at night for both women and young boys.  A fact utterly unreported by American media.  American Liberals make the assumption that Islamic culture and values are basically the same as the West, they just happen to worship a different God.  This could not be further from the truth and that includes “moderate” Muslims.   The rape of young boys by Muslim migrants in Europe has become so common that new crimes are being reported almost daily in their media.  What the American Liberals don’t understand is that this behavior is perfectly acceptable in many Muslim societies.

For the sake of argument, I will not critique Muslim culture.  But I will say that it is entirely incompatible with Western culture.  Europe is forever scarred (at best) from the cruel trick that has been played upon it by globalists like Merkel.  We must not make the same mistake here.