The list expands…

First it was Comey.

Then it was the Fake News Media’s fault.

Then it was the epidemic of fake news (ie. real news) that was at fault

Then it was the Russians.

But now it’s personal.  Now it’s Barry’s fault.

Despite the fact that Barack Obama spent an outrageous amount of time campaigning for Hillary Clinton and attacking Donald Trump, despite the fact that he actually encouraged illegal aliens to go out and vote, it’s now Barry Soetoro’s fault.

Hillary Now Blames Obama For Her Election Loss

Hillary Clinton’s staff is still furious over her loss, and more than anything, they blame former President Barack Obama.
The camps are clashing over the heated blame game. Clinton’s side insists Obama was the biggest reason she lost, according to Clinton staffers that spoke with Axios.
They think his lack of support was more harmful than her scandals, Russian interference in the election or FBI Director James Comey’s investigation.
Obama didn’t do enough, wasn’t active enough and should have been much less cautious in imposing sanctions on Russia, Clinton’s camp said.
“The White House was like everyone else: They thought she’d win anyway,” a member of Clinton’s campaign told Axios. “If he had done more, it might have lessened a lot of aggrieved feelings, although I don’t think it would have altered the outcome. The Russia thing was like a spy novel, and anything he said or did would have helped get people to believe it was real.”
And every time a new excuse is used, the idiots believe it hook, line and sinker.