This couldn’t have been negotiated by our last President?

…of course not, because destabilization was the plan.

Saudi King agrees in call with Trump to support Syria, Yemen safe zones – Reuters

Summary of the call:


If the goal is actually helping people, like genuinely making the refugees lives’ better and not leftist virtue signaling, this is how to do it.

Stefan Molyneux has crunched the numbers based on data from the Federal Government:


And now Saudi Arabia is going to finally do their part for the refugees that both they and Barack Obama/Hillary Clinton created.

The Fake News Media of course refuses to accept this for what it is,  the mindslaves eagerly agree and Donald Trump is forced to explain what was done as if he was talking to a group 10 year olds:


And don’t look now, but if you have been keeping up with world news and understand the chaos that Europe is now weathering, Donald Trump just saved Europe.  That is not hyperbole.