Don’t let the door hit you on your treasonous ass on the way out..

It’s amazing how pliable the American Left is.  Ten years ago it was simply accepted common sense that a sovereign nation has to have borders.  It was common sense that citizens take priority over non-citizens and it was common sense that you try to avoid letting people into your country that mean to do it harm.

I’m starting to wonder if there’s any direction the Democrat politicians and Fake News Media can’t successfully take their constituents in.

For starters, everyone should read the full text of President Trump’s immigration EO here.  You should read it especially if you’re critical of it because some talking head told you that you should be critical of it.

So, the interim Attorney General, an Obama appointee attempted to sabotage this EO by instructing the Justice Department lawyers not to make legal arguments defending it.  She actually questioned whether it was lawful.  As if this country has to allow anyone who wants to come here to walk right in.  Funny, I don’t remember this behavior at all when Barry banned Iraqi immigrants for six months.  I’m sure I’m forgetting.

Anyway, President Trump responded by trying to convince her that there is nothing inappropriate or racist or xenophobic about an immigration pause from countries that have been exporting terrorists.

Just kidding.  He fired the bitch.

This is all for show on the part of Ex-interim AG Sally Yates.  She was told that she would have a job waiting and this move is simply to further rile up the ignorant imbeciles that are currently losing their minds over President Trump.