Long past getting out of hand..

Folks on the Left: this is going to be a long 8 years if you’re going to hypocritically go apeshit every time Trump does anything.

This time it’s about his 90 day immigration pause for countries on Barack Obama’s  “Terrorist travel and prevention act” in 2015.

In 2011, Barack Obama banned all Iraqi refugees for 6 months.  I’m struggling to remember any protests.

You all need to grow the fuck up.  You’re being manipulated into apoplexy.  Your ignorance of historical fact, your virtue signaling and desire for self-righteousness is allowing some very bad people stir up a civil war.

Let’s take Yemen as an example.  It’s one of the countries on Trump’s list of seven countries with a visa ban.  You people are losing your fucking minds and yet I don’t recall any of you saying anything or marching on anything when Barack Obama was bombing the shit out of Yemen to aid Saudi Arabia in their fucking barbaric war.  Remember that one?  That war where Saudi Arabia with Barry’s help pushed Yemen to the brink of famine?  No, you probably don’t remember that because your a bunch of dumb, ignorant fucks.

How about another country on that list of seven.  How about Syria?  Remember how Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton assisted in tearing that country in fucking half by sending every spare armament we had in the drawer to those helpful “rebels” topple that mean old Assad?  Remember how those “rebels” turned out to be ISIS?  Remember how their actions created this refugee crisis in the first place?  No, you probably don’t remember that because you’re a bunch of dumb, ignorant fucks.

Remember how Obama deported 2.5 million Mexicans and how not that long ago Hillary voted for building a 700 mile security wall between the U.S. and Mexico but now you’re enraged that Trump is actually building a wall?  No, you probably don’t remember because you’re a bunch of dumb, ignorant fucks.

Do you see the pattern?

Somehow Obama is a saint in your eyes because he fucking caused chaos everywhere,  but Trump is a “fascist” because he showed up and said “Oh, shit.  There’s chaos everywhere.”

If you support Barack Obama but you’re having a meltdown over Trump’s executive order, then fuck you and fuck off.  You’ve forfeited the right to be taken seriously on anything.  Your opinion doesn’t matter and it doesn’t fucking count.  So either get smart or go kill yourself for all I or anyone else with a functioning brain, care.  You’re not only a fucking moron, you’re fucking worthless.