Trump just did more to clean up Washington D.C. Corruption…

….and the circumvention of the Democratic Republic than the past four Presidents combined.

Trump signs off on 5-year lobbying ban, two national security actions – Washington Examiner

The vast majority of the citizenry do not understand the vicious cycle in Washington that recycles elected officials into lobbying positions.  Now, most citizens will associate negative connotations with the word “lobbyist” and rightly so.  At best, lobbyists give certain groups extra access and influence to politicians simply because they have the financial means to do so.  At worst, they funnel vast quantities of money and/or gifts to politicians in exchange for political action.  I said “worst” but there actually is a worst-er.

The “worst-er” is when elected or appointed officials go to work for other countries as a lobbyist.  These people have the relationships and know-how to move their agenda through D.C.  Even when it’s on behalf of a country who is utterly hostile to our country, despite the State Department not labeling it as so.  Countries like Saudi Arabia  I’m looking at you, David Petreus.  And it gets even worst-er-er.

In many situations, usually with an elected official, they will finish out their term by performing a controversial action that benefits a large company or country.  Upon either losing their re-election bid or retiring, they promptly go to work for that same entity.  It’s a case of obvious quid-pro-quo that is almost never prosecuted.  That’s why it’s important that not only does this 5 year ban put an enormous dent in this practice, it also eliminates many of the loopholes that politicians and appointed officials were using to get around the existing soft two-year ban.

This is an enormously beneficial move for the American people and one that should not in any way be partisan.  That’s probably why it’s not being discussed very much.  Can’t have the drones thinking that Trump is anything but the devil.