Does Trump Deserve To Be “Given A Chance”?

Does Trump Deserve To Be “Given A Chance”? – Michael Tracey

In early 2009, just after Obama assumed office, I distinctly recall a predominant attitude expressed in pundit/media/political circles: give the guy a chance. He was just elected with a stark popular “mandate” and was therefore owed some measure of deference, at least in the early stages of the presidency — before the Administration had been fully “settled in.” Republicans were chastised for not being sufficiently deferential. The antiquated term for this proposed time period was “Honeymoon.”


The idea back then — one that I subscribed to — was not that Obama should be shielded from criticism, but that he deserved some latitude. It takes awhile for a presidential “transition” to totally come into fruition. Bush policies were still going to be in effect under Obama, just as a matter of institutional momentum/inertia. Blaming him for every little thing that went wrong, or forming harsh conclusions based on actions he took in his first couple days or weeks, was myopic and didn’t account for the enormous complexities involved in the transfer of governance responsibilities from one faction to the next.


So, that was a widely-held belief in early 2009. Maybe it was right, maybe it was wrong, but it was a widely-held belief. Even though Congressional Republicans ultimately sought to block much of Obama’s agenda, they too exhibited deference: they confirmed virtually all of his cabinet nominees without much of a delay, save for some self-inflicted “scandals,” like Tom Daschle’s failure to pay taxes.


I did not vote for Barack Obama in 2008.  I had heard too many disturbing things from a contact on the inside.  Obama’s complete lack of experience and accomplishments as well as his real past largely a mystery sealed the deal.  The almost cult-like fervor of his constituents kept me from changing my mind.   John McCain had started his descent into madness so I voted for the Libertarian candidate, Bob Barr.


But when Barack Obama was elected, I wanted him to succeed.  I was rooting for him despite his beliefs being utterly unpalatable to me.  It was an amazing step for this country to elect a bi-racial man to the Presidency, even if it was fueled by Liberal white guilt.  Maybe we did need a change of direction.  Something different from the Bush years that were tarnished by war and a completely predictable financial collapse.


I remember seeing a Gallup poll a month or so after the election.  Barack Obama’s approval rating was 91%.  That meant that the vast majority of people that didn’t vote for him approved of him or at the very least, didn’t disapprove of him.  I wanted him to do well and to raise our country to new heights.  The same cannot be said of most Democrats.  After correcting the over-sampling of the Trump approval numbers. his support is around 60-65 percent.  Most of the people that didn’t vote for him do not approve of him.  Thousands of women marched on D.C. because they demand that they not have to pay for their abortions (and other really important.. stuff) led by a woman who wants to bring Sharia law to America.  Social media is a cesspool of Trump hatred by the Left and Democrat politicians are already attempting to organize impeachment proceedings.


They want Trump to fail, even though that harms them.  Perhaps the worst kind of pettiness and hatred is the kind where you’re willing to be miserable as long as it means the other guy is too.


So to the American Left I say: He is your President.  He even won fair and square, a rarity in the past couple of decades.  You have the choice of calming down, using your critical thinking skills instead of your emotions and give the man a chance (and be a far happier person in the process).  Or you can continue this dark, poisonous crusade and be miserable in the hopes that your misery will be infectious.


Seems like a pretty easy choice to make.