The march of the lemmings.

The Fake News Media is stating that 200,000 women attended the “Women’s March” in D.C. to protest President Trump’s policy on…uh… um.. his policy on.. well, they’re protesting him anyway.

Unsurprisingly, the “Women’s March” skipped protesting at the Saudi Embassy because the organizer of this march is a woman named Linda Sarsour, a Palestinian activist with ties to Hamas and a fierce advocate of Sharia law.

So ladies, you’re marching against a President because he made some inappropriate comments 11 years ago for a woman who’d love to have a society where women at treated as nothing more than breeding stock.  But it gets better.

Let’s celebrate our resistance against that mean, old President by putting on hijabs, a symbol of female oppression and the patriarchy:


For years on this blog, despite my at times snarky attitude, I’ve preached patience and persuasion when it comes to Liberals.  Scenes like this one have had me seriously reconsidering whether it’s worth the time, energy and effort to deprogram people that are so willing to run to an emotional ledge based on so little facts and information (often incorrect information).   Perhaps that energy would be better spent on the massive task that we need to accomplish in taking back our Republic.

This goes against my instincts and my ethos.  We will be so much stronger if there’s a universal understanding that we’ve been lied to by everyone, that our two political parties are controlled by a shadow government and that all of our rights are important, even the ones that we might not personally exercise.  We’ll still disagree on plenty of things, but if it’s under that umbrella of understanding, this country will be just fine.

But I’m not so sure any longer if that can happen.  I’ve always felt that if you can just show someone enough facts and evidence, they’ll change their minds.  I no longer know if that’s true, especially in light of the fact that for two months, we’ve seen thousands of people take the most extreme of positions without a shred of evidence.  As callous as it sounds, maybe instead of trying to talk them off the ledge, it’s time to just give them a little shove off of it so that we can get to work.