The bar sinks lower.

I shouldn’t be surprised any longer at the oft-grotesque manifestations of the Fake News Media’s hysteria in response to failing their masters by failing to hoodwink the American people into installing a criminal into the White House.  But I am.

I’m still amazed when CNN attempts to encourage a random leftist lunatic into assassinating the President, as I mentioned yesterday.

Also this week, CNN “contributor” Marc Lamont Hill didn’t appreciate African Americans Steve Harvey, Kanye West and Ray Lewis discussing policy matters with Donald Trump and referred to them as common negroes, live on the air.

When you consider the intent behind this particular slur, I cant imagine a more vulgar taunt.  But there will be no consequences for Marc Lamont Hill (who is black) because he’s simply conveying the exact message that CNN wants him to convey.  Any attempt by Trump to undo the racial division that Barack Obama fostered and fed for 8 years cannot be tolerated and must be undermined.

Because if Trump really does perform genuine outreach to the African-American community and God forbid, measurably improve the lives of inner-city African Americans, then the “Democrats are the only hope for minorities” paradigm is shattered.  That’s the sort of thing that can wake people up  to recognize other illusions as well and that’s terrible for the establishment and entities that propagandize for that establishment.