What a day..

…a great day, albeit a nervous one.  I honestly didn’t think Trump would make it this far.  I didn’t think he’d be allowed to.

His speech was magnificent, brave and hostile towards the first twenty rows.  None of us should be surprised by that since he spent his campaign running against both the DNC and the RNC.  No reason to think that will change now and we certainly don’t want it to.

The speech put every bought and paid for Republican and Democrat on notice (which is most of them).  Of course, the fake news networks are applying their spin.  In the case of MSNBC, it’s a laughable amount of spin:

The fake news networks and newspapers debased themselves out of desperation during the campaign.  They had a decision to make after Trump won.  Re-dedicate themselves to honest journalism or quadruple down on propaganda and insanity.  The video above answers the question as to which option they picked.  Hint:  It’s not honest journalism.

It’s a miraculous feeling to have a President that actually loves America.  I haven’t had that since I was 14 years old.   It was equally miraculous to listen to my President give a speech and not refer to himself 85 goddamn times like some narcissistic asshole.  I heard a hell of a lot of “we” and “you” and very little “I”.

Firmly in the negative column today was watching Leftist protestors shout that Trump is a fascist and that love is the answer while destroying private property.  Helpful memo to Democrats:  So far your only resistance to Trump is hysteria and lies.  The protestors today were simply a microcosm of your party.  This will result in no productive change nor will it do anything to hinder Trump’s agenda.  Worse, at some point it’ll stop being funny and the violence is going to be met with focused, brutal violence.  Stop this fucking nonsense now.  If you’re not taking part in the violence and the emotional hysteria, it’s your obligation to call it out for what it is.  If not, you’re a party to it.

But it gets worse.  It appears as though Democrat party operatives might have been directly involved today in inciting the protestors.  We already knew from Project Veritas that the DNC was paying protestors to incite violence at Trump rallies and then blame the violence on Trump.  We also know that Soros had a hand in paying many of the people protesting and committing acts of violence today.  No reason to think that the DNC is doing anything differently now.